Elizabeth Stuart, Queen of Hearts

It’s all getting very exciting in the lead up to publication day on 9 December, with Suzannah Lipscomb choosing Queen of Hearts as one of her books of the year for BBC History Magazine – and I have a piece called The Art of Treason in the same edition, all about a very naughty piece of re-painting that might have landed its owner in hot water! The first two reviews past the post have been lovely.

First, Anna Groundwater in The Literary Review mentioned the ‘astonishingly comprehensive research’ and the ‘erudite, pacey narration of the frustrations, downturns and highlights of Elizabeth’s life make for compelling reading. I was gripped.’

Second, Kate Maltby in The Spectator wrote that ‘Akkerman’s sensitivity to literary and cultural symbolism deeply enriches this biography […] After all the macho chevaliers who served her in life, this Elizabeth has found a superb and sisterly champion in death.’