TV appearances include Sky Arts’ Treasures of the British Library (with Julia Donaldson) – view promo here (Nadine appears at 1.09!) – and the NPO documentary discussing her work as part of the GroteVragen series:

I was also honoured to be the guest of the literary salon hosted by Leiden University Libraries, discussing the links between Elizabeth Stuart and the city of Leiden (in Dutch with English subtitles).

Radio appearances include BBC Radio 4’s Women’s Hour, BBC Radio Scotland Time Travels on Invisible Agents, and on Elizabeth Stuart, NPO 1 with Dr. Kelder & co., NPO 2 Spijkers met Koppen, VPRO OVT, and CBC Radio ‘As it Happens’

Nadine with Ingeborg van der Ven

Nadine is a regular guest on podcasts, including Sky History’s popular series Not What You Thought You Knew with Dr. Fern Riddell, Histories of the Unexpected with Dr. Sam Willis and Professor James Daybell, Not Just the Tudors with Professor Suzannah Lipscomb, and BBC’s History Extra series, here talking about Elizabeth Stuart and the support for her to be James’s heir. She has also appeared in the Cultures of Knowledge series and Science Guide.

Nadine has co-directed a number of videos on letters, espionage and materiality with Jana Dambrogio, the Thomas F. Peterson (1957) Conservator of MIT Libraries: click here for Courtly Rivals or Spies and Secrets on Vimeo (also available on YouTube).

With Daniel Starza-Smith, Nadine served as executive producer for the Malone Society’s staging of Ben Jonson’s Masque of Queens, the performance of which can be seen here.