Photo by Rob Blackham
  • Professor in early modern literature and culture at Leiden University
  • Fellow of the Royal Historical Society and a member of the Young Academy at the Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences (KNAW)
  • Author of three history books, two volumes of edited correspondence, twelve book chapters and seven journal articles. See her full bibliography
  • Has appeared on radio, tv and numerous podcasts and was the subject of a tv  documentary in 2020
  • Listed as one of the 400 most inspiring women in the Netherlands in 2018
  • An award-winning scholar and author, she won a Studieprijs Stichting Praemium Erasmianum in 2009, a World Cultural Council Special Recognition Award in 2017, and the Ammodo Science Award for fundamental research in the humanities in 2018. Invisible Agents was awarded the prize for ‘the best book published on Women and Gender in 2018’ by the Society for the Study of Early Modern Women and Gender
  • Part of the team behind ‘Signed, Sealed, & Undelivered’, an international project between Leiden, Groningen, Massachusetts, Oxford, and London
  • Principle Investigator of FEATHERS, a five-year research project investigating early modern manuscript culture and the mediation of authorship, funded by an ERC Consolidator grant
  • Has been a visiting fellow at All Souls College, Oxford, The Centre for Editing Lives and Letters, and Birmingham University, as well as holding a NIAS fellowship
  • Represented by Michael Alcock at Johnson and Alcock.


Photo by Kick Smeets

Nadine’s research is always underpinned by extensive archival work, and is centred primarily in the seventeenth century. It encompasses Anglo-Dutch history, women’s history, diplomacy, the English Civil Wars, and masques as well as espionage and the life and letters of Elizabeth Stuart, Queen of Bohemia. She is particularly interested in uncovering voices yet to be written into history.

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